Cool.  Now try that on someone who has a clue what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, the briefly-rumoured Brian Stann vs Minowaman bout never materialized, but not because the man in the tighty-reddies and tiger mask isn’t available.  In fact, he’s willing to come all the way to America for the very first time… well, as far as Hawaii at least.  The new rumour is that Minowaman has signed a three-fight contract with ProElite, and will face Kendall Grove at ProElite 3 in January in what will probably be the main event, though it (and the rest of the card) has yet to be officially announced.

Minowa has an impressive 91 fights on his record, but managed to lose 32 of those even though a good portion of his opponents might as well have been named Canny McCannerson.  He won all four of his fights thus far in 2011, but the only one you might have seen was his ridiculous tooling of some random fatass at DREAM 17 (see above).  No surprise there, since he’s pretty much made it his trademark to tool dudes who are nearly double his size.  Speaking of which, I guess Tim Sylvia must not have been available, what with all his police work and such.

As for Grove, he made quick work of Joe Riggs at ProElite 1 back in August, and even considering how totally shot Riggs is these days, he’s still way stiffer competition than Minowaman has faced since he “knocked out” Socouldyou two years ago.  Both guys have earned most of their wins by submission, so things could get pretty neato-keeno if the fight hits the mat, but I have to think the smart money is on Da Spyder either way.  Bottom line, this will tell us a lot about how good Minowaman is (if anyone actually cares), and a loss to him would not look good on Grove’s resume.  No sir, not one bit.