Mike Swick has been out of the UFC rotation for over two years now due to some freaky esophageal condition. In an interview with Full Contact Fighter, he talks about preparing for a fall return and the time he spent in Afghanistan visiting troops:

“Kandahar is a massive base—there’s the NATO base with – I don’t know how many countries of troops – so you’re walking around the base and you’re seeing every type of uniform you can imagine,” he said.

“Plus there are contractors everywhere, so you’ve got guys walking around that look like Steven Segal, with ponytails and pistols and machine guns. It’s got be one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been.”

Not only did Swick’s group get stranded in Kandahar, but they also took shellfire during their stay there.

“We were on the airfield which is really the worst place to be during a rocket attack. That’s generally where all the rockets land. We had the back of a C-130 open, and we were just hanging out on the ramp, and the alarms went off.

“We didn’t hear the initial blast, and so we all had to get down and wait for the all clear. Then in the course of the next, I guess, hour, going back and forth to the bunkers, we heard them all. They were kind of exploding all around us. I think we got hit with about five total rockets in the span of about an hour or an hour and half.

There’s a bunch more in the article on Swick’s military tour and why he’s so involved with the troops, so check that out if you’re interested. Swick also plans on uploading a bunch of the footage to Youtube, which is exciting since past videos show Swick knows how to partay in foreign countries. After the jump: more evidence that Mike Swick needs his own travel show. Includes videos with names like “I challenge monkeys in Thailand” and “Drinking cobra blood.”

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Many more on Mike Swick’s Youtube page!