[youtube b6oDyPi8gb4]

Back in 1994 when I was in Marine boot camp the system of hand-to-hand combat we were taught was called LINE – Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement. The military loves their tedious acronyms, don’t they. Basically, it was a crude system of judo/kicking a mother fucker in the face whereby the desired end result was disposing of the enemy by smashing the heel of your boot through his forehead. It was a system designed to kill.

With the changing dynamics of modern warfare and the focus on peacekeeping operations, the system was overhauled in 1997 as the MCMAP – Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. It kept many of the same tactics, but included lots of non-lethal techniques. It also incorporated lots of grappling, because hey, as the early UFCs showed us, it’s hard to stomp a guy’s brains out when you’re on your back.

Case in point: Mike Swick rolls with a ginormous soldier during a seminar, and shows once again how technique can overcome size and strength, especially in the complete absence of technique by the opposition – which seems to be the case in the video. The highlight is not so much the verbal tap at the end, but the good inch and a half of large soldier’s ass crack at about the two minute mark. Enjoy.