It’s worth remembering that not every cage fighter dusts themselves off after a defeat to go straight back into training. Via MMA Mania:

Savant Young knocked Mike “The Joker” Guymon out cold at the 48-second mark of the second round in their 155-pound contest, which took on the preliminary portion of the fight card.

Unfortunately for Guymon, the finish did more than just rattle his brain; it caused several fractures to his head – four in the face and one in the jaw to be specific.

Guymon posted on his official Facebook page shortly after the event and explained the extend of his injuries.

“Goodnight everybody… Thanks vfor the support. Update: have to stay the night in the hospital for observation. The strike I took when I was out left me with 4 Facial Fractures and a fractured Jaw… Broken hea[d] and face, Fml”

It continues to amaze me that us hairless monkeys can lay some thin padding on the ground and then beat the shit out of each other at full blast without suffering all sorts of horrible consequences. Somehow, our serious injury rates are lower than many other sports that don’t focus on kicking people in the face. We just saw Khabib Nurmagomedov drop 17 straight elbows on Thiago Tavares’ face without caving it in and spraying brains all over the canvas. How that didn’t happen, I have no idea. But this is a reminder that getting into the cage is serious business and people do get hurt, badly.