In what I can only describe as the culmination of a bunch of pussies wringing their hands over quasi-offensive comments, the UFC has fired Miguel Torres. He made a joke on twitter about rape vans (welcome to the fucking internet) and now he is out of a job.

To explain how we got here, we have to take this back to last month. Forrest Griffin said something vaguely flippant about the Jerry Sandusky case on twitter while everyone was still in riot mode about it and took some epic shit for it. It turned out he was completely misunderstood but that didn’t stop several groups from going after him, the UFC, and FOX over it. Apologies were issued, donations were made to rape crisis centres, and another mini public relations controversy was eventually laid to rest.

Then a few days ago during a press conference, Rashad Evans debuted a little line of smack to Phil Davis that once again referenced Sandusky: “I’m going to put my hands on you worse than that dude on those kids at Penn State.” This again caused a big tizzy and people looked to the UFC for some sort of resolution. How can the organization let one of their fighters get away with saying something like that? When is the UFC going to do something about these guys saying offensive things?

Well, something was finally done. Miguel Torres was fired for tweeting “If rape vans were called surprise vans, more people would get in them because everyone loves surprises.”

Now I’m no expert in having a giant stick up my ass, but I’m pretty sure working specific incidents of child rape into your smack talk during a press conference = worse than making a joke about rape vans on twitter. But there’s been one too many rape jokes made in a short period of time and someone has to go down for it. Not only does this take the heat off the UFC for those other incidents, but it also sends a message to other fighters to stop it with this dumb shit.

Here’s Dana White laying it out to Ariel Helwani:

If you’re a UFC fighter watching this, the bottom line is all these guys are smart. Use your common sense. You know what to say and what not to say. If it has something to do with rape or any of this crazy stuff, shut up! Don’t be talking about it, you know what I mean? You have no place talking about it unless you’re on a show and the topic is rape, which none of our fighters should be on a show like that anyways.

It’s just one of those things where you have to have common sense. If I was dealing with stupid people – if i had a bunch of dummies fighting for me … stupid is stupid, you can’t fix stupid. I don’t have stupid fighters. I have guys who are smart, intelligent, most of em went to college, most of em have families. Use your common sense. You know what to talk about and what not to talk about.

If you think something is funny… keep it to yourself. You’re not a fucking comedian. What you think is funny, other people might not. Unless you wanna stop fighting and go become a fucking comedian and open up for Rogan, we dont wanna hear your jokes. We don’t wanna hear what you think is funny.

On one hand, I gotta agree. As someone who’s taken many lazy trips down the rape joke trail, I will always defend people’s right to make jokes about controversial material. But it’s obviously not the smartest thing for UFC fighters to be joking about, and the sooner they’re explained this, the better.We live in a world where saying ‘the wrong thing’ can result in a lynch mob forming that won’t rest until you’ve been punished, fined, or fired. I hope the UFC realizes the precedent they’ve set by throwing Miguel Torres under the bus. The mob will be back, and who knows which head they’ll want on a platter next time. It could even be Dana White’s.