(pffft the old Miguel would have ripped that bull’s head off by now)

Miguel Torres has fought like a total wussbag ever since those back to back losses to Brian Bowles and Joseph Benavidez tought him he isn’t invincible. His camp hasn’t hidden the fact that they’re basically rebuilding him from the ground up as a whole new kind of fighter. A safer, more careful, more technical Torres. Which is kinda like taking a Dodge Viper and downtuning it for better gas milage. It hasn’t exactly gone over well with fans, but here’s Miguel defending it:

Chad: There’s been some criticism from MMA fans about the new “safe” Miguel Torres vs. the old wilder Torres. What do you think of all this?

Miguel Torres: I get a lot of shit from fans about my new style. I don’t believe I had a style in the past, hence the attitude I carried in the cage. And yes that style brought me to where I am now, but times were a lot different, and the level and strategy of my opponents has been raised very high. I am an old dog who is learning new tricks every day. Its one thing to criticize a fighter, but it’s another thing to stand against him in a cage when it is locked, knowing your pay, health, and history are all on the line. The new Miguel Torres is still an animal, and when it has to come out, it will. The only difference is that now I don’t have to make every fight a war, when in the past it was all I wanted. In all honesty, my body, mind, and career would not have lasted long with that attitude. What people say doesn’t mean much to me when I compare it to my health, and my daughter’s welfare.

Most fighters would bow down in cowardly fashion to such pressures and return to their awesome devil may care style of whirlwind fight action. But not Miguel. He’s brave. He will continue to decision guys on the facebook portion of UFC cards because that’s what’s best for his career. This new style could work so well Miguel may find himself outside the organization and then he won’t have to worry about getting getting hurt in fights at all.