Miesha Tate put on a hell of a performance on Saturday in her Fight of the Night scrap with Julie Kedzie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the ass stomping Tate was looking to lay out. Even with the great armbar finish, the main image coming out of that fight was Kedzie flooring her with a kick right to the face. It was a great fight regardless and something for both women to be proud of. But Miesha isn’t proud. She’s actually talking about taking a hiatus from the sport:

“Even when I was when lined up with Julie, across the cage, I was like, ‘Is this really happening right now? Am I really here? Am I really in this fight?’ I felt like I was kind of just in this twilight zone. I did not like that. It’s not how I normally feel, not how emotions really run. Normally I’m excited to be there, I’m amped and pumped, and I felt little to nothing, and I mean, she literally elbowed me and got my lip really good and I was like ‘ehh, whatever.’ She kicked me in the face, ‘ehh, whatever,’ It was not, it wasn’t a normal circumstance for me I don’t know why that is but I’m asking myself a lot of questions.”

Tate, who said she’s considering seeing a sports psychologist, figures it will take her about six months to a year to get back on the right path.

“I think I need to take a step back, relax a minute, and evaluate it,” she continued. “I need to find a way to fire myself up again and get that passion, because I know there’s so much I still want to accomplish in MMA. I absolutely want to fight Ronda Rousey twice, but at this point, you know, mentally and emotionally, I’m not right. I shouldn’t be getting into the cage if I’m not going into it wholeheartedly for this fight. It’s hard for me to admit that, but that’s the honest truth. I didn’t feel like it for this fight like I did for other fights. I don’t know how to explain that, I guess it’s something I just have to figure out at this point.”

Poor Miesha sounds like she’s suffering from Post-Rousey Stress Disorder. There’s a point in most fighters’ careers where they realize they’re not the best in the world, and that point for Miesha was March when Ronda Rousey broke her arm backwards. Can she stay motivated knowing she’ll probably be stuck in the number 2 position until Ronda pulls a Gina and leaves the sport? What does she have to look forward to other than another whupping at the hands of Rousey sometime in the distant future?