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Miesha Tate was at UFC on FOX 8 to talk up her coaching gig on TUF and had an interesting perspective on what was the most tiring but helpful aspect of the show:

“Just having to deal with [Ronda Rousey] every day. I’m glad that that happened though because it really strengthened me and helped me to like not let her get inside my head like she did the first time. She really emotionally challenged me mentally and she won that. She definitely got into my head and I was too emotional going into that fight. But after being around her for six weeks it was like [brushes shoulder and rolls eyes] alright, get outta here, I’m tired of your crap.”

Based on the minute worth of footage we’ve seen from the previews, this might be Miesha Tate’s turn to win the mental battle. Springing her on Rousey by surprise probably helped a lot, and from there it’s all Ronda looking pissed and Miesha looking amused. Whether a pissed off Rousey is something you wanna face in the cage is another story – considering her predilection for breaking people’s arms backwards, I’d say maybe not.