Ah, Midsy. Every so often I just want to reach through my monitor and kiss him if physics and herpes didn’t get in the way. He did an interview with Ken Shamrock after Ken’s win over Big Fat Dude and didn’t pull any punches. You should really go and read the entire interview but here’s some highlight questions or comments he made while interviewing Kenny:

  • “Where you are in your career now, is you’re fighting a guy, Ross Clifton, who, let’s be honest: He’s fat, he’s out of shape, he’s not good at MMA. Doesn’t it make you look bad that you’re fighting a guy of that caliber?”
  • “I think the reason people hate on it is they’re accustomed to seeing the Ken Shamrock who was fighting in UFC main events, and now when they see Ken Shamrock fighitng an out-of-shape fat guy, I think it makes some of your fans sad, honestly.”
  • “Shouldn’t the state athletic commissions look at you and say, ‘We’re concerned that this guy who lost five straight knockouts could injure himself?'”
  • “And you feel strongly that people who have the opinion that you are washed up, those people are dead wrong?”

Ken Shamrock isn’t exactly known for taking smack lightly … this is a dude who’s been hit so many times in the head that I worry he doesn’t know where Ken Shamrock the regular human being ends and Ken Shamrock the retarded pro wrestling personality starts. So all in all, this sets things up to make this interview my favorite one in the whole wide universe.