(All things thru Christ!)

Those of you not sleeping on Michael McDonald know he’s a beast who could very well be the interim bantamweight champion once this weekend is over. But did you know that he’s also a hardcore religious freak? Like, Matt Hughes + Rich Franklin times twenty – sans all the right wing conservative evangelical bullshit, though. He may be the most religious guy in the UFC. All he cares about is living his life through Christ:

“I don’t really care about the title,” said McDonald. “When people get obsessed with the outside appearance, the title, how much I’m getting paid, being in the main event, they let things rent space in their heads that don’t need to be there. Emotion scraps judgment. I don’t want to look at the title. I don’t care about the title. I don’t worry about what’s going to happen. It’s not one of my personal goals. I wouldn’t be upset if I never won a title.

“My motivation in this sport is the same as anyone out their doing their job. This is my job. A job to me is something I use to provide a living for my family. Fighting in particular is a platform where I can spread the word of God, tell my story, and tell people how my life has changed through Jesus Christ. When it comes to that title, a lot of people take that title and let it be who they are. I have a very clear boundary between what I do, and who I am, with Jesus Christ. That has nothing to do with my job. If I was working at McDonald’s, I’d be the same person.”

“From a business standpoint, winning the title, that’s cool, because it means more income, more success, a bigger platform for me to talk about God,” he said. “For my personal identity, it means nothing. There’s no connection, whatsoever.”

And he doesn’t just talk about God during interviews … he also has a tumblr diary where he details every step along his path as a Christian battling it out in today’s sinful and evil world. It’s worth a read just to see how coo coo for cocoa puffs he is about his religion leading up to Saturday’s fight. Like, to the point where I don’t know if it helps him or torments him. Some excerpts from the past week’s entries after the jump.

Father… i do not know what to do.. I see the pain in the world… i see the rejoice in the world, i see your hand in my life. I see my flesh and my spirit and the battle between them… I feel the pain of each and every day. My day is filled with battle. I battle from sun up, to sun down with my flesh, my body, and men. I feel as if You created me for battle… But I need a refuge. Just as David cried out to You so often and said you are his refuge… I need a refuge from battle, Father. I battle every minute of every day. It seems as if the only time i stop battling is when I give in and accept defeat. The forces which oppose me never end. My body is tainted by my sinfulness. Even alone, I still fight every minute of every day. The battle never stops. You made me a warrior, God. I do not know why. Sometimes i wish You would have made me a pastor. I do not need much, Lord. But this is the path You have chosen for me. You made me a warrior. This is Your will. I dont know the reason, Lord. I know one day i asked You to do something special with my life, but You even put that desire in my heart. This is surely Your will for me… For me to battle from sun up, to sun down… every minute of every day.

In the midst of all my fighting, I ask myself if I am in my own little world.. It is sometimes so hard to fix myself on Your will when I am in so much pain… When i am so tired from battle, and i have many more battles to come. They never end… It is Your will. You say to me in Your scriptures, Lord, that whoever loses their live shall find it, and whoever finds his life shall lose it… You say to me that whoever calls upon You and wait upon You and put their trust and faith in You that You will renew my strength. I will soar upon the wings of eagles and run and not grow weary and walk and not feint. You are too powerful for me, Lord… I can not escape Your perfect will. You made me a warrior. You made me special… You made me Your son… I can not fathom Your perfect will or Your perfect love. In the midst of all the pain and ware of battle… You ask me for my life… You ask me to not look into my own pain and my own feelings, but to give it away… You ask me to call upon You for refuge, strength, courage, guidance, and peace in the midst of battle… You ask me for my life. You say I will find it if i give it away… So I will do as you ask, Father.. It is yours. all the pain, the sickness, the toil, the ware, the fatigue, the heartache, and the strength. I give it all to You, Father. I ask instead, for Your will… I ask You to break my heart for what breaks Yours… I ask You to use me as an instrument to do something today that is not vanity. To influence, or carry, or encourage, or work… Whatever You ask, Lord, I will do.

Tame my restless heart of a sinner. You tore the veil. Please let me bask in Your presence and renew my strength. Please show me where to go and hold me, Father. Keep me close to Your heart so that I can feel it. I love you, Father.

Jeez, bud. Sounds like someone needs a poem from Joseph Benavidez.