Michael Bisping’s eye situation continues to sound really really bad. Fighters Only Magazine’s John Joe O’Regan was around for the latest scary incident:

im staying at mike’s for a few days here in LA; i just got in from visiting Alliance in San Diego and saw his girlfriend, she had just got back from taking him to Pasedena hospital. He’s undergoing surgery, his eye was causing him agony apparently

Ariel Helwani later clarified that while Bisping had gone to the hospital over severe eye pain, he didn’t undergo another surgery. Hopefully this latest scare will finally convince him to get off his feet and lay around doing nothing for a couple of months until the chances his eye melts out of his head decrease.

He’s been way too stubborn for his own good every step of the way with this injury, from fighting twice with it to attempting some leftfield quick fix so he could still fight Mark Munoz in Manchester. Even after the surgery to deal with things after that first surgery didn’t work, he was still exercising and working on his cardio. We left ‘tough’ behind a long time ago and are now way into ‘dumb bastard’ territory. As boss as Bisping happens to look with an eye patch, it’d be slightly better for him if it were a temporary look.

(pic via Michael Bisping’s Instagram)