A detatched retina is a scary injury to suffer from to begin with, but Michael Bisping’s detatched retina is on a whole other level. The guy fought through two fights with it before finally having it re-attached. And then four weeks before his big UK fight with Mark Munoz his eye situation went pearshaped again in a bad way, and the surgery went even worse:

During the second surgery, surgeons discovered an influx of scar tissue that had developed around the damaged retina. As a result, they were not only forced to cut away the scar tissue, but remove a piece of Bisping’s retina as well.

When Bisping awoke from under the knife, he learned the situation was far more dire than first expected. Best case scenario, it’d be at least three months before Bisping could even begin to think about exercising. Worse case, his career might be over.

Even now after the surgery, the eye continues to do all sorts of scary shit like this:

“I was having a good time, and then all of a sudden, my vision just completely went in my right eye,” Bisping said. “It’s (usually) very blurry, but this time it completely went. I kind of got concerned. I called it a night and drove home, and as I drove home it just got worse and worse. When I got home, I was pretty much blind in my right eye. My girlfriend, when she looked at me, she almost started crying, she said, because my eye had filled up with blood. The iris, the colored part, was no longer blue. It was all red.

“I thought, that’s it. Fight career over. This and that, I’m blind in my eye.”

On the advice of doctors, Bisping slept face down Saturday night. When he awoke, most of the blood had drained out of his suddenly blue again eye — just another lesson about the fragility of his current state.

This doesn’t sound like the kind of injury you can just slap a textbook X number of weeks on and expect Bisping to show up at the end exactly like he was before. Let’s hope everyone involved – the fighter, the doctors, the UFC, the commission – makes sure that this eye is properly fixed up and Michael is capable of competing in a physically demanding sport like MMA without the risk of going fucking blind.