(pic via MMA Fighting)

Dana White is usually the fount from which headlines and quotes flow forth on fight weekend, but unfortunately he was missing from many of the UFC 152 festivities so others had to pick up the slack. Leading the pack in that department is Michael Bisping, who not only made the press conference worth watching by getting in Brian Stann’s grill during their faceoff but also ejected a lippy fan from the open workouts:

“I was just trying to do my pads and stuff, and the guy’s got no respect. He annoyed my boxing coach more than anything. My boxing coach got a little upset. I could see it in his eyes,” Bisping said.

“I was trying to get a workout in, and he’s just disrupting the whole thing. He’s upsetting my boxing coach, and so I’m like, you gotta go. You gotta go. If you can’t have respect … we’re here. We’re putting on a display for you guys. If you can’t respect it, you have to go outside with the naughty children.”

This is on top of some excellent work he did earlier in the week shit-talking flyweights, particularly Joseph Benavidez. The two got into a bit of a tiff when UFC 152 was originally announced, and a casual comment from Benavidez about punching power set Michael off again:

“They tweet out this video, and Urijah Faber, or ‘Urijah Favor’ as I call him — because I mean, really, how many title shots can one guy get? — says to them, look at this, that’s Bisping on . Do you think you can hit harder than Bisping? Joseph Benavidez says, yeah, I definitely hit harder than Bisping. it really, I mean, he’s the size of my leg. If you’re going to talk [expletive] about me and the UFC is going to tweet it out, I’m going to address that. UFC has 776,000 followers, which I know because I looked it up.

So I put, listen, Urijah Favor, Joseph Benavidez, and the rest of the munchkin crew, don’t talk [expletive] just because you’re stuck in the bodies of pre-pubescent boys… Urijah said, ‘Mike, I thought we were friends, you can give it but you can’t take it. I said, what do you mean? You’ve been giving it, you said he can hit harder than me, which we all know you can’t. So that’s what’s going on with Team Alpha Male. I’ll [expletive] strangle him when I see him this time.”

All that promo work, plus he’s gonna DJ at his own UFC 152 afterparty. The hardest working fighter of the show!