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Yesterday afternoon, Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping got on a conferece call with the media to promote the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter. With the last few seasons getting panned for shitty contestants and stale coach drama, there’s a lot riding on the lighter weight classes and douchebag coaches brought in to freshen things up. Word from insiders is the fights live up to the hype. And from this call I’d say the coach dynamic should be pretty interesting too. A few quotes:

Bisping: If you’re saying I’m a complex character, Jesus fucking Christ, [Miller] has fifteen different personalities. Jason’s one of those guys you either love him or you hate him and I definitely hate him. I think most people around him find him very annoying and I know the people on the Ultimate Fighter did and I was no different. Start of the show I hated him, during the show I hated him and at the end of the show I hated him. And December 3rd I’m going to kick his ass so it’s all good

Miller: You’re being too kind. We hate eachother’s guts. At the same time, I dunno, I can’t speak for Mike because I can’t talk with that stupid accent, but I’ll say this: there has to be some sort of mutual respect for eachother at some level because December 3rd we’re going to be across the cage from eachother.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Michael Bisping joint without the Brit crossing the line, in this case over one of Jason Miller’s coaching staff:

Bisping: He’s a chiropractor. He’s a gay chiropractor. He’s most likely taking it up –

Miller: I don’t think he’s gay, Mike. At least he’s bi because he’s got two kids.

Jeez, Michael. If you’re gonna go back to the gay slurs can we at least get some exciting British ones like ‘poofter’ or ‘batty boy’? He could have even gone full Brit with something like “Jason Miller’s chiropractor Harry Hoofter will take a knick down they khyber and mine your marmite.” Then instead of asking ourselves what a homophobic cunt Bisping is, we’d just be scratching his head wondering what’s wrong with a tasty bit of marmite?