[youtube qWGVhn0WtAE]

When the mighty Genghis Con launched the “Miami Hustle” web-doc series back in June, there were supposed to be new episodes released every week like clockwork.  Well that turned out to be even worse than a Fightlinker Promise*, as there’s been nothing but a couple “deleted scenes” since Episode 2 dropped exactly three months ago.

According to Genghis Con’s comments on his site, the major malfunction was because “certain ***holes are giving us problems with the release forms and are holding everything up”.  He now says JZ Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago, and the brothers Villefort have decided they no longer want to be on the show, forcing Con to re-edit pretty much the entire series.  So I guess that identifies the certain assholes in question.  Coincidentally, this is the same bunch who collectively bailed from ATT back in March, but they didn’t start giving Con grief until sometime later.

Anyway, here’s another short clip of the remaining dudes doing some field training.  Alexis Vila prepares for his bantamweight quarterfinals fight with Joe Warren at Bellator 51, which by the way goes down this Saturday night.  Jorge Masvidal is also starting to get ready for this shot against Gilbert Melendez’s belt in December, so right now that means mostly sweating out the weekend’s boozey diet.  I hear that, bro.  Helping him out is some dude nicknamed Promethius whose haircut identifies him as a “half-demigod”… which makes him only 1/4 god if my math is right.  Still better than nothing though.

*Not a guarantee.