Throughout history it has been unequivocally more difficult to be a woman than a man. Long considered the property of their fathers, then husbands, women have had it rough alright. The cavemen courting ritual was to club a chick over the head and drag her back to the crib. Fast forward a couple million years to the 17th Century and women were blamed for failed crops and burned at the stake as witches. Hell, it wasn’t until 1920 that women in America could even vote. The struggle for equality has been long and grueling, and it continues today.

Former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate is a strong advocate of equal rights for women. And not just equal pay and all that cherry-picking bullshit. Oh no, Tate says its okay for a man to hit a woman in self defense. It’s not often you hear a women take equal rights that far, and even though it’s a touchy subject for most of us, it is an interesting debate. Miesha responded to questions regarding the topic via Twitter:

“I am all for equality, women should be treated equally in every aspect so if a women punches a man then he can punch her back.”

Considering Tate’s boyfriend, UFC bantamweight Bryan Caraway went off on Ronda Rousey and threatened to fuck her shit up just for engaging in a war of words with Tate, this isn’t that surprising. A woman would need to hold a strong conviction about this topic to be with a guy like that.

My personal opinion is that even if driven to the brink of homicidal madness by a woman, as all of us have been, I wouldn’t strike a female. That’s just how my mama raised me. However, if this ever happened to me I might strongly consider it, although I don’t think I have as devastating an uppercut as the bus driver.

Bravo to Miesha Tate though for continuing the fight for women’s rights. Betty Friedan would be proud.