I’ve had a pretty shitty year when it comes to injuries, what with the jacked-up knee, persistent rotator cuff issues, and breaking my collarbone a couple of weeks ago. I share this with you in an attempt to put things into perspective.  As bad as all that sucks, I can sit on my ass and heal because I don’t depend on fighting people to make a living. 

Megumi Fujii recently blogged the gory details of the comically absurd amount of injuries that she suffered and fought through in 2010.

March – Two herniated discs that gave her pain so bad that she’d wake up crying in the morning, and severely limited the movement in her right leg.  After some rehab, yet still in excruciating pain, she fought in an exhibition bout in April.

May – Her toenail was torn off.

June – Toenail still gone and back still fucked, she fought the first of her matches in the Bellator tournament, TKO’ing Sarah Schneider with the most adorable ground and pound I’ve ever seen.

July – Tore her pectoral muscle.

September – Injured her ribs in her fight against Lisa Ward.

October – Got screwed out of a deserved win in the Frausto fight, thus losing the Bellator tournament, and giving her pristine record its first stain. She didn’t bitch about this as far as I know, but it’s gotta be just as painful as any injury

Not to mention all the standard bumps and bruises that a fighter will incur during the course of training and fighting.  All of this going on and she still fought 5 times in 2010, winning 4 of the bouts (5 if you count the Frausto robbery).   

A couple of questions come to mind… what prompted her to keep fighting even though she was injured?  Pride? An athlete’s overwhelming desire to compete?  The need to accept any payday that comes your way because you’re a woefully underpaid female fighter struggling to make ends meet?

Also, did the pain, or a lack of confidence in her own body play any part in her bizarre  strategy of keeping it standing in the Frausto and Fujino fights?
One thing is clear though, this tiny titan is tough as nails.