Yesterday the NSAC had its first meeting since one of their judges almost fucked up the biggest boxing match in the history of the state by scoring it a draw. Leading up to this, it sounded like there might finally be some traction on turfing screw-ups and making sure only the best judges score the big fights. NSAC Chairman Bill Brady had to apologize to the Governor for the headaches it caused everyone and promised they’d stop rubber stamping Keith Kizer’s judge selection. But here’s what actually happened at the event:

At Wednesday’s Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting in Las Vegas, Chairman Bill Brady stated that fighter camps & promoters will be approached before big fights with pool lists of officials and will be given an opportunity to voice any displeasure with certain officials. (In other words, nothing has changed). Kizer was asked to provide pool lists and background information on officials he nominates into pool lists for the commissioners. Kizer, amusingly, told the commissioners that if they want information on the officials he books that they can go to Boxrec and check out the information themselves. Skip Avansino, who basically is treated as the don of the commission, said that he didn’t have time to go to Boxrec and wanted information supplied to him directly on officials. Brady said that the process Kizer has been using for selecting officials and notifying others about the process has been ’somewhat sloppy.’ That was the only official criticism stated publicly on Wednesday.

Keith Kizer’s job security remains unscathed. Marc Ratner, Skip Avansino, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Sig Rogich apparently won’t pull the plug on the guy and neither will the Attorney General or Governor offices. When Bob Arum rants and raves about the commission being controlled by Republicans, he’s actually telling the truth. It’s a very close-knit community and the political glue is Sig Rogich, a self-styled political fixer for Ronald Reagan & George H.W. Bush. Rogich is the classical political fixer who brings celebrities & pols to big fights and has a school named after him in Las Vegas. Rogich has lobbied the Nevada state legislature to legalize gay marriage & raise state taxes & increase immigration; he’s pretty much your classic Establishment Republican who has the ear of every state pol & wannabe pol nationally because of his public relations operation, Rogich Communications Group, and his background in advertising.

Oh yeah, he’s one of those classic pro immigration and pro higher tax Republicans. But regardless of what his red / blue designation is, Rogich was still a former NSAC chairman. As was Lorenzo Fertitta. And Marc Ratner used to have Keith Kizer’s job. It’s interesting to hear Zach opine that these ex-NSAC dudes are the ones with the power to dictate whether Keith Kizer stays or goes. If that fell upon anyone, you’d figure it’d be commission chairman Bill Brady, but that hero sure did put his foot down when he dared to criticize judge selection as being ‘somewhat sloppy.’