You know it’s not good for Bellator when Yahoo Sports publishes an article on their first pay per view event titled “Bellator can only blame itself if Rampage-Ortiz PPV proves embarrassing.”

The reaction to the announcement of the match amongst the fan base and the MMA media has not been good. Personally, I’m not outraged or upset. Confused, perhaps. Surprised, very.

But if Bellator wants to promote a pay-per-view fight card headlined by links to relics from the sport’s past, it’s up to Bjorn Rebney and Co. Rebney, Bellator’s CEO, is the one who is risking a major financial loss, and he’s the one who will have to cope with the embarrassment if the show is a colossal flop.

Bellator also looks petty by even putting on a pay-per-view show, because it is likely just a legal maneuver in its court case with top lightweight contender Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez attempted to sign a UFC contract, but Rebney contended Bellator matched the UFC offer and that Alvarez belongs to Bellator.

That’s for a court to decide, but it’s unconscionable for Bellator officials to tie up a young athlete in the prime of his career. But Bellator, which in the suit said it planned to feature Alvarez in a pay-per-view to compete against the UFC offer, now has to go forward.

Even though Iole is a bit of a UFC shill, his words ring true. ESPN is of a similar mind. There’s not a lot of positive ways to look at this upcoming Bellator PPV … at least not until they announce some fights between relevant and legit fighters. Will Michael Chandler vs whoever help sell that many PPV units? No, but it might help give this PPV event the legitimacy it so desperately needs.