Julia Budd and Germaine de Randamie became the first women to fight on a Zuffa card, but the match was a stinker as Budd spent the whole fight trying to take de Randamie down or lying on top of her doing very little. Budd was KO’d in 14 seconds in her last fight and de Randamie had already KO’d her in the past in a kickboxing match, so if she seemed a bit gun shy, that might be why. Based on some interviews, I expect de Randamie to head back down to her original weight of 135 pounds. Yeah, Budd’s a real 145er and still had trouble muscling around de Randamie. But to be fair, I think at least 20 of those pounds are located solely in Budd’s ridonkulous abs.

Quinn Mulhern rocked a sick pornstache and some very active jiu jitsu but it wasn’t enough to keep Jason High from slamming him across every square inch of the cage over the course of their 15 minute fight. High dominated the fight from bell to bell, taking Mulhern down at will and keeping busy with nasty looking ground and pound. Mulhern wasn’t afraid to throw his legs up and go for rubber guard but High just slipped right out again and again and continued his assault. Pretty impressive showing from Jason High, even if he doesn’t agree.

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Ryan Couture might be pretty slick on the ground, but his standup is gonna need some seasoning if he ever wants to raise his stature above a Challengers card. Matt Ricehouse kept Couture on the feet for the majority of their fight and won a solid majority of the striking exchanges en route to a unanimous decision win. The loss is a bump on the road for Couture, but he’s still green and at this stage of his career a loss is probably more constructive for his development than another win.

Strikeforce commentators likened Lorenz Larkin to Melvin Manhoef but past the cut of their shorts I didn’t see too much similarity on this night. Larkin was careful and composed for most of his bout against former hot prospect Gian Villante, rebounding from a poor first round to pick apart his opponents with an impressive array of kicks and punches.

Caros Fodor showed that he’s good at more than just submissions in his win over James Terry, stalking Terry throughout the fight and unloading with nonstop punches. In addition to winning his fourth Challengers fight in a row, Fodor also wins my scariest tattoos of the night award. While there’s something very Dungeons & Dragons about a full back tattoo starring a laughing skeleton holding an hourglass, Fodor manages to pull it off. I think it’s because it’s one of several skulls on his person, along with a neck tattoo that implies you’d better not laugh.