[youtube _1tIRM160Tc]

Mayhem Miller added to the speculation that he has gone off the deep end by showing up on the MMA Hour pretending to be ‘Lucky Patrick’, the character he plays in Paul Blart MMA Fighter Here Comes the Boom. This is something he’s been messing with on twitter since October 3rd – “I’m Lucky Patrick a Boston stereotype. Go Celtics!” Yeah. He didn’t have the best lines on twitter and it only got worse live as Mayhem tried to ad lib his way through the interview as Patrick for 10 minutes before storming off the set.

I’m sure in his mind this was all going to go a lot better. He’d come out and charm everyone with fake stories of Patrick mixed in with standard silly Mayhem style antics. Unfortunately he didn’t come prepared with any material and when Ariel Helwani tried to play along, Mayhem responded with hostility before shutting down and just repeating stuff like “I’m Patrick! Mayhem is off in the woods.”

It was like watching a high school improv skit go down in flames, so it was probably the smartest thing Mayhem could do to get up and exit stage left. Which leaves us wondering once again…

Was Mayhem playing Lucky Patrick very poorly or playing Crazy Mayhem really well? Is this whole thing an act, and if it is does that make it less or more disturbing? Do we need to start worrying about Jason pulling a Rampage? Or worse, a Levens?