It’s been a shitstain of a year for Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller. Once one of the most successful fighters outside of Zuffa, his empire of zany behavior and mayhem monkeys started to fall apart after he skidded out of the UFC off two losses and some sort of nasty backstage altercation with staffers. From there he got arrested for nude church vandalizing, wigged out on the MMA Hour, and got real strange on Twitter, and not in a fun entertaining way either.

Now, two days from it being a year since police booked him over the church incident, Mayhem is in trouble with the law again. Initial rumors swirled that he was arrested for a break in or robbery, which would have made his last tweet pretty fuckin’ hilarious:

Instead it turns out to be a less HAHAHAHA-worthy ‘domestic violence charge’, and no we not have any further details on that. C’mon MMA media. The arrest happened on Sunday. TMZ would have had the story and a bunch of pictures already. But this just goes to show you how far Mayhem Miller has fallen – TMZ doesn’t even care about his latest scandal. Maybe it needs more nudity.

Domestic violence can land you up to four years in prison, but without any context or details it is impossible to know how serious this arrest is. This isn’t Mayhem’s first brush with these kinds of charges either. In 2011 he was arrested for ‘stopping his drunk sister from driving’, in his words. Or ‘simple assault and false imprisonment’ in the words of Chatham County Sherriff’s department. And then way back in 2006 he ‘defended himself’ against his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend after kicking down their front door. AKA ‘first-degree burglary and assault in the third-degree.’

Much hay has been made over whether Mayhem Miller is just being his usual wacky self or if he’s slipping into some sort of downward spiral. I certainly have no idea, but when your behavior begins to make getting arrested a reoccurring issue, then that’s a troublesome sign that not all is right.