Jason “Mayhem” Miller is a fan of the tweet. He likes to update his 228,000 followers on what’s going down in his bizarre mind, and take the occassional pot-shot at a fighter. The only problem is he’s not very good at it. From his weird beef with Dana White – which was followed by the infamous naked church incident – to getting ragdolled by Chael Sonnen’s other-worldly condescension, Mayhem often strikes preemptively with a knife only to get blasted by a shotgun. In his latest misguided attack, Mayhem chose Ronda Rousey as his target after she so kindly shared her illustrious social agenda with the world:

“I wanna see the book of mormon on broadway … Can’t do it today, just making and extremely public note…”

To which Mayhem responded with his usual bat-shit crazy manner:

“@RondaRousey just rub your crotch on @TreyParker’s elbow. Works for you in every other situation”

And then of course comes the super easy Booyah reponse he handed Ronda on a silver platter:

“@mayhemmiller @TreyParker huh? dude, that statement made just about as much sense as you being found naked in a church.”

Poor Mayhem. He brings this shit on himself though. You got to figure that after an incident as gnarly as being arrested in a church, NAKED, that anything he says, regardless of the context, is going to come back to that. However, in his new role as an artist/comedian/Twitter personality that isn’t such a bad thing. And here we all thought Mayhem was just a crazy fucker, but it seems there is some method to his madness.