UFC veteran and almost-Bellator fighter Matt Riddle has been cut from the latter organization. This is interesting news for a number of reasons. First, Riddle smokes a lot of marijuana. Like, as in “two failed post-fight drug tests” a lot. Secondly, Riddle was supposed to fight on Bellator cards a few times – including Bellator 109 slated for Friday – but for whatever reasons (probably marijuana), he never did. And lastly, Riddle smokes a lot of marijuana. Like, as in he likes to drive around in a green van with his friends, one of whom is a talking Great Dane, and solve mysteries.

Here’s Anthony Mazzuca of Bellator talking about the situation:

“Matt was a guy we had high hopes for coming into Bellator,” Bellator Director of Communications Anthony Mazzuca said. “After Matt suffered his rib injury and withdrew from our tournament, we went back to the drawing board and got Matt another fight on November 22. Unfortunately, Matt very recently informed us he would not be fighting on November 22 from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and at that point we decided to release Matt from Bellator. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Yeah, so future endeavors… what exactly would that be for Riddle, whose two out of his last three fights resulted in “no contests” because of his undying love for Scooby Snacks ™? Here are some ideas:

  • Retirement. Hey, he tried it once already. Maybe it will stick this time.
  • Fight for a regional promotion, maybe even one on an Indian reservation where the screening for marijuana might be lax.
  • Ride around in that green van some more. I heard that there’s a ghost terrorizing a small town who might not be a ghost at all but just a dude under a sheet.

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