Leading up to last week’s GSP vs Nick Diaz lay-a-thon, Dana White was asked about firing Matt Riddle after the guy’s second marijuana suspension in so many fights. But apparently it wasn’t just because of the weed or in turn the two wins that then became losses, putting him in the dreaded 2-fight skid. Nope. According to Dana…

“Everybody’s going to have an excuse of why they were cut. Matt Riddle did an interview before that fight where he said ‘I smoke weed so that I don’t beat my children’ then he tests positive for it. He’s a f—king moron,” White said following the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference. “That’s why he’s not here. He’s cut because he’s a moron.”

Gotta love that. The UFC is sending these guys out to do more and more media, but watch your fucking mouth and don’t be a moron or you’ll end up on the promotional shitlist. Stop being a unique snowflake. You’re not a fucking comedian. Just go out there and sell the fight without making any interesting comments. A few years from now when fighters are giving the same canned hollow answers hockey and baseball players are, you can look back on moments like this and say ‘Thanks, Dana.’

Fortunately for us / unfortunately for Riddle, he’ll never be the kind of guy who doesn’t speak his mind:

“I really don’t have a reaction to it because, to be honest, Dana White…it’s sad but he’s uneducated to the sport and the industry. He’s calling me a moron for using my medicine when half his fighters are on steroids. It’s pretty offensive, but at the same time, I am looking at the source, and he can’t help himself.”

He goes on, “Even now, I don’t have a dislike for Dana White or the UFC. But really, he’s just a juice monkey who’s bald, who doesn’t know sh** about business. He just yells the F word and expects things to be handed to him.”

“What should I do?” He asks me. “Should I get angry? Find out where Dana’s house is in Vegas? Ask him why the f**k did you fire me? Dana White should be thankful I am on medication!” He’s kidding, guys.

Seems like Riddle does a bit too much kidding. From the ‘beating his kids’ comment to his theory that the UFC hates wrestlers (a logical conclusion considering the victims of this latest purge), Matt’s mouth has effectively put him out of a high paying career. Well, the weed too. Let’s not forget the weed starting all this. Maybe he needs to smoke a blend that makes him a little less talkative.