If it weren’t for testing positive for pot pee, Riddle would be riding a four fight win streak. And if it weren’t for his big mouth, he might still have his job with the UFC. As it stands, he’s 2-0-2 instead and definitely isn’t welcome back with the organization after basically accusing them of tampering with his drug test and shit talking Dana White.

His post-UFC career involved getting signed by LegacyFC, having his contract bought out by Bellator, and then getting injured leading up to his Bellator welterweight tournament fight. When the promotion refused to shuffle their cards to let him fight on a later event, he ragequit the sport on Twitter.

As you probably know, Twitter retirements are about as reliable as snap decision retirements in the cage right after a fight, so Ben al-Fowlkes tracked Riddle down and got him to expand on his decision past 140 characters. And in typical Riddle fashion, Matt had some interesting things to say:

“I’ve had multiple surgeries,” Riddle said. “I get cut open, I’m in pain, and I can’t even pay my f—ing bills. People know who I am and I’m on TV all the time, but I can’t pay my f—ing bills, so who cares? What kind of sport is this? What’s the point of being in it if you can’t even make money? Especially a sport where you get torn open, get brain damage and bleed? And then people give me s–t because I’d rather retire and get a real job. At least that way I’ll get a check every week and not worry about someone trying to cut my face open or knock my f—ing teeth out.”

“You get hurt and can’t fight? Nobody cares,” Riddle added. “They just stomp on you. People get on their keyboards and talk s–t about you. Even if you’re in the top 10, top five in the world, people talk s–t about you. It’s a trash sport, people trash us all the time, we don’t get paid s–t and it’s like you lose one fight and people say you should quit fighting anyway. Why would I want to be a part of that? I’m tired of it.”

“I’m just tired of the unethical people, the scumbags, all that,” Riddle said. “Maybe that’s how all businesses are run, but in MMA I’ve been in the UFC, Legacy and Bellator. The UFC was the best, and even they didn’t treat you that well. It just gets sh–tier on the way down. I’d rather get a real job, do some [jiu-jitsu], get my black belt and compete in some tournaments. And maybe I will fight in a year or two. But right now I’m so fed up with the people that run this sport, I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Nothing too out of the ordinary in the above rant, really. About what you’d expect from a guy whose best days are behind him and who has now basically burnt his bridges with the only two organizations offering livable salaries to fighters in North America. If I was gonna use one word to describe his general tone, I’d say “Defeat.”

That didn’t stop Dana White from appearing on UFC Tonight to dismiss Riddle’s anti-UFC opinions and gloat over what a dumb jackass Matt is. That inspirational video after the jump.