Okay so follow me here if you can. Vitor Belfort doesn’t want to fight at middleweight any more, but he will fight Chael Sonnen. Chael Sonnen wants to fight Wanderlei Silva. Lyoto Machida wants to fight Chael Sonnen. But nobody wants to fight Lyoto Machida. Except Tim Kennedy, who Lyoto Machida doesn’t want to fight.

“Tim Kennedy is a tough guy, but I wanted to fight [Vitor] Belfort of Chael Sonnen next.  But sometimes you can’t choose.  The UFC asked me to take this fight, and I’m in.

“Fighting Belfort in Brazil would be a good option for me.  He has his fans, I have mine, and it would be a great fight.  But they decided not to do it.  And Sonnen always has something to say, and he wanted to fight at light heavyweight, so maybe that would be a good opportunity to fight him too.  He said he wanted to fight me in a parking lot, so I tried to make that fight, but the UFC chose Kennedy.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll fight [Sonnen] in the near future.”

Welcome to the new world of fighters trying to influence their matchmaking. Dana White once said he likes it when guys call people out, but the clusterfuck above you just read above probably isn’t what he had in mind. I’ve seen women bicker less over carpet samples.