Our favorite Danish thing other than a pecan apple danish is Danish MMA fighter Martin Kampmann. He’ll be fighting some seriously tough opposition in Rick Story this Saturday at UFC 139, and a loss will drop him into the dreaded 3-fight losing streak zone where many fighters find themselves getting cut from the organization. Sucks to be him, especially when you consider his last two losses to Diego Sanchez and Jake Shields were razor thin at best and outright judging incompetence at worst.

We’ve already covered Martin Kampmann’s bitter, bitter thoughts on Diego Sanchez’s bitchitude. Now let’s hear what he has to say about the Jake Shields loss via an interview with MMA Sucka:

“The Shields fight was the fight I was the most disappointed in my performance. I think I did a lot of things wrong in that fight by doing stupid shit. He did win that fight by humping my leg for as long as he could. I gave that victory away by fighting a bad fight.”

“For the most part wrestlers take people down and lay on them. That is how I lost to Jake Shields. I was kneeing Jake in the face and in the body. I had a solid submission attempt with a choke. He landed one punch on me in that entire fight and he didn’t once try to submit me. He won the fight by getting on top of me and humping my leg. I think the current scoring system favors wrestlers too much. You can punch a guy ten times in the face, but if he takes you down and cuddles with you, they give the round to that guy. It is what it is.”

Martin follows this up by saying he’s taken that into account and has been working dilligently to improve his wrestling. A good thing considering Rick Story is one of those cuddly wrestler dudes who also likes giving guys consciousness-separating fist kisses while on the ground.

I’m not about to disagree with Kampmann’s observations regarding those last two decisions, but at the same time we all know how judges score fights and you gotta work around that bullshit. Kampmann’s biggest problem isn’t the judges, it’s his willingness to keep the fight where his opponent wants it. If Kampmann fights Story the same way, he’s liable to be pissed off at a third guy who won ‘even though they didn’t deserve to.’