After reading this article on MMAJunkie, the only thing that my mind conjures up is his refusal to shake hands with Dan Hardy after their fight at UFC 99 in Germany. At the time I just chalked it up to emotionality. Now I realize that Davis is actually just a giant baby who hates to lose close fights. He wants the decision to be overturned, despite the fact that the general consesus among your every day fan was that he lost fair and square.

“By using the set rules, octagon control, scoring for takedowns, scoring for ground control, submission attempts and strikes landed and things like that, they had the numbers,” Davis said. “[The UFC] crunched the numbers, and they gave me all the numbers from the fight. As far as the numbers go, I did land more strikes, both on the ground and standing up.

“I obviously got the takedown. On the ground, I had five near submission attempts – going for the foot locks, the ankle locks, the arm-bar and what not. He had none. I passed his guard. I had mount. I had his back at one point. I had side-mount. He never passed my guard. All these different points, when you look at it that way.”

I never liked Davis. His whole “Irish” shtick annoyed the fuck out of me, and his complete lack of sportsmanship following the Hardy fight has convinced me that there is a new disease spreading around. I call it “Pennanitis”. It’s when a fighter who losses a high profile fight is unable to admit defeat, finally torpedoing his career and making everyone despise him as a result. It can only be explained by a virus that infects the brain, causing the otherwise dormant cry-baby gland to activate.

A loss in the UFC isn’t the end of the world. In fact, the best thing to do is to dust yourself off, call out another fighter, and do what you’re paid to do. You can bet that Dana White loves this kind of attitude from his fighters. When you lose, he wants you to prove to both yourself and the audience that you’re anything but done.

I agree that judging needs a bit of work, but Davis is more concerned about his loss than fixing anything right now, and it’s obvious. Call out your next opponent, Marcus, or kindly shut the fuck up. And what the fuck do you think a “Near Submission” is? You embarrass me.