Nick Diaz’s lawyer made a good case for why current marijuana testing standards were stupid: inactive metabolites from the drug stay in the system for weeks after use and NSAC policy is only supposed to stop ‘in-competition’ usage. Unfortunately, that message was somewhat lost during Nick’s “Fuck You NSAC” legal quest, which put the NSAC in a pretty defensive and not so reflective mood. Now, UFC regulatory head Marc Ratner is trying a softer touch by appearing in front of the commission and saying something’s gotta give:

“Society is changing, it’s a different world now than when I was on the commission.  States are legalizing marijuana and it’s becoming more and more of a problem with fighters testing positive and the metabolites,” said Ratner.

Ratner believes the discussion has to happen because as laws continue to change and marijuana is becoming less and less of an illegal drug with little to no proof of it’s use as an actual performance enhancer, competitors likely shouldn’t be punished the way they are currently.

“I think it’s something that has to be discussed on a commission level now,” said Ratner.  “Right now I just cannot believe that a performance enhancing drug and marijuana can be treated the same.  It just doesn’t make sense to the world anymore and it’s something that has to be brought up.”

The commissioners attending the meeting agreed with Ratner’s statement, but said that more research needed to be done and they would agree to talk further about the subject at their next meeting.

The commission typically meets about every 30 days to discuss various issues and licensing hearings, and at that time they will reconvene and discuss the topic of marijuana in sports at that time.

Yeah, I’m not going to hold my breath. There’s been shit in this sport that has been blatantly broken for years that still isn’t being dealt with. How hard is it to change a rule so fighters get a few minutes to recover from eye pokes? Yet we’re still stuck in a situation where a fighter has to pretend to be okay or risk having his fight stopped prematurely. This marijuana thing isn’t as clear cut as that – the world is still run by old people and those assholes still think weed is the devil’s plant – so what chance is there that these guys are gonna stick their necks out and say all of a sudden that it’s okay to test positive it? Especially when they literally make millions off enforcing the rules the stupid way they are?