Sure, Manny Pacquiao as a politician sounds cool and fun, but unfortunately the reality is pretty lame and stupid:

True to the eight-time world champion’s sporting reputation for boldness, Pacquiao chose the hot-button issue of contraception as the platform for his first foray into a major debate since being elected to congress last year.

Political tensions are at fever point in the mainly Catholic nation as a diverse group of politicians try to pass a controversial bill that would mandate government support for artificial contraceptives and family planning advice.

Pacquiao generated more headlines than most in the debate this week as he took on a leadership role in the Catholic Church’s long and determined campaign to destroy the bill, which would see the state give condoms to the poor.

“God said, ‘Go out and multiply.’ He did not say, just have two or three kids,” Pacquiao said following a meeting with bishops on Tuesday, shortly after returning from Las Vegas and his latest boxing victory over Shane Mosley.

What the fuck is controversial about giving people access to contraceptives and family planning services? If they’re religious zealots, they never have to use them. That’s the magic of free will right there. Of course, things don’t really work the other way around in this case. If the bill goes down, then the poor people who DO want contraception won’t have much of an opportunity to get them.

This wouldn’t be Ye Olde Typical Story of Politicians Pushing Religious Agendas on the People without some rank hypocrisy:

Nevertheless, Pacquiao has had to endure some bruises by stepping into the political ring this week, with his opponents accusing him of hypocrisy after he admitted that his wife used to take the pill as a form of birth control.

Pacquiao is also a well-known gambler with a reputation for late-night partying with friends.

But the father-of-four insisted his decision to oppose the family planning bill was driven by strict Catholic moral values and a desire to help the tens of millions of impoverished Filipinos.

“It’s sinful to use condoms and commit abortion,” he said in one interview with the media this week.

What a douchebag. I bet contraception has stopped several dozen quarters’ worth of little pac-men from coming into the world. But screw giving poor people the resources they need to make their own choice like Manny did. God sez pump kids out till your uterus shrivels up and falls out.