If you have been keeping tabs on MMA news lately, you would know that an MMA promotion in Brazil has been advertising a very interesting and controversial MMA fight. This fight has garnered attention from main stream media, reaching national news networks. Just a couple of weeks away from the greatest fight in the history of the UFC and in MMA, news networks are talking about a fight that could give the sport terrible media attention, and possibly give the sport that MMA fans know and love a bad reputation.

What is this fight? Well, it is a fight featuring a guy against a girl. What promotion is running this fight? Well, I’ll tell you that this promotion is not the UFC, Bellator, ONEFC, Invicta or any well respected and established MMA promotion. This MMA promotion will go un-named, as giving a promotion any endorsement for putting on such a fight is ridiculous.

So why am I so against this fight? Am I sexist? Do I believe women are inferior to men?

No. I am looking at the future of our sport, and if the most mainstream fight that goes “viral” on the internet and on news networks is a fight against a man and a women, then the sport will never grow. People will think of MMA as a brutal sport where anything goes, men can fight women, brutally beat on another human being with “no holds barred“. Feminist groups would call this a case of women abuse, and media would go crazy.

If this man knocks this women out cold, say goodbye to the UFC going mainstream, and be ready for all of your friends who know nothing about MMA to be talking about this fight in an uneducated and incredibly mind-numbing way.

How do I know this will happen? Just the coverage of the news of a male vs. female fight has anchor men and women talking about MMA in this uneducated way, throwing out every stereotype that plagued the sport in the late 90’s.

HLN, a popular news station in the U.S., reported the story of a man fighting a woman in MMA, and as I expected, their thoughts on MMA as a sport were just as uneducated as any other conservative news network. Rob Haze, a special guest on News Now on HLN, even said that he had expected this to come from male MMA fighters, and that MMA fighters are naturally abusive of women.

This type of banter about a sport that has yet to hit mainstream will grow exponentially if the man knocks out the women in a brutal, brutal fashion. The video will be spread all across the internet, be shared among people on Twitter and Facebook, and will be one of the most watched MMA clips in the history of the sport. It will be tagged with headlines of MMA being a blood sport, and that fans of MMA are also fans of this type of spectacle.

If you think I am over dramatizing, understand that MMA has made headlines before. The talking heads of big news networks like Fox News and CNN would spread their uninformed opinions about the beautiful sport that MMA fans know it as.

Case and point, Bill O’Reilly on Fox. While interviewing Dana White and Rich Franklin in 2006, Bill O’Reilly gave us this fantastic quote when talking about his thoughts on MMA, “What are we Ancient Rome here? Will there be lions in the ring next?”

These type of sediments will be repeated throughout the coming week about MMA if this man vs. women fight ends in brutal fashion. There has been so much done in the past 20 years to clean MMA of its bad image of “human cockfighting”, and now this single fight at an event that wouldn’t be a blip on the radar of most MMA followers could push the sport back by many years.

This will be the last time I cover or talk about this fight, and I hope that MMA media does not cover this fight or event, and that MMA fans realize that they should not give this promotion their eyes and their money. This fight is not good for our sport. It could set it back to the dark days, and will not positively impact our sport in any way.

That is, unless the girl knocks out the guy. Then we can breathe a sigh of relief. Until then, I’ll be anticipating that this fight does not appear anywhere near my Twitter timeline, Facebook page or any MMA website next week. If it does, it is likely that the guy knocked out the girl, and that MMA will get a lot of media attention that will portray the sport as the uncivil, barbaric display of savagery that everyone outside of MMA already sees it as.

Editor’s note: As per MMAFighting, the proposed man vs. woman bout at Shooto 45 will not happen.