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Former UFC fighter Maiquel Falcao always came off like a bit of a psychopath, and after a prior assault plus an additional arrest for violating house arrest was revealed the UFC cut him from the roster. Which in retrospect seems like it was a good idea because Falcao just set off a crazy brawl at a gas station that resulted in his friend and training partner Kaue Mena being sent to the hospital in critical condition. All because Falcao hit a woman who shot down his advances.

From the video it appears that Falcao got into some kind of disagreement with a pair of women inside the gas station. Words were exchanged and he appears to push/slap one of them away. After that a host of men enter and begin fighting with Falcao and his friends. The fight spills out into the the gas station parking lot where one of the men fighting Falcao hits him with what appears to be a piece of wood.

A few seconds after that Kaue Mena is struck from behind by an assailant and proceeds to be punched and kicked mercilessly while unconscious. Mena is currently in serious condition at the intensive care unit at the Hospital do Coração. No arrests have been made in connection with the attack, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

My thoughts go out to Kaue Mena and his family – his only crime was hanging out with a cock for brains like Falcao. As for Falcao, here’s hoping he gets the book thrown at him for creating this situation by being a serial woman abuser. And a note to Bellator: maybe you should reconsider your habit of collecting criminals and delinquents on your roster. Falcao is one hell of a light heavyweight tournament champ you got there.