Our monthly Low Blow mailbag show is supposed to be done on the first week of the month, but that rarely ends up happening. We really should just make it official that the show will sometime early in the month when there’s nothing else going on. And so with no major events until next week’s Incredible Hulk vs Captain America fight, this week’s show shall be the mailbag!

Taking into account the complaints about last month’s mailbag show, here’s what we’re going to do: I’m no longer letting Jake sort out the questions, since he ditches MMA related questions for ego-stroker questions. So while I will guarantee that everyone who asks an MMA related question will get a vaguely MMA related answer, I’ll be thinning out the fluff to a degree. We still consider the mailbag show to be a ‘fanservice’ show, so I’m not gonna be a dick about it. But in addition to whatever off topic crap you wanna know, we’re looking for you guys to give us some kickass MMA related ideas and questions as well.

The show is only as good as the questions we get and the booze we drink. We’ll be prepared with a 12 pack to get us through the show. So stick your totally awesome questions into the comments section before Monday at 7PM EST and we’ll make sure to answer them!

Oh and if your question is “What does that picture in this post have to do with the mailbag?”, the answer is: Nothing. I’m just sick of looking for interesting mail-related imagery on the net, so I figured a random picture of Wand and Coleman shaving eachother would suffice.