Sounds like there’s more to Aleksander Emelianenko’s decision to retire than nagging injuries and a desire to spend more time with his family. From RT (via Cage Potato):

On Tuesday promoter M-1 Global announced the cancellation of their contract with the younger of the Emelianenko brothers.

“Aleksandr has constantly violated the terms of his contact and we canceled it,” Vadim Finkelstein, M-1 Global president, told “Now he is a free fighter. He’s on his own. Neither I nor (elder brother) Fedor or M-1 aren’t responsible for what he’s doing.”

Finkelstein didn’t specify the contract violations, but claims the firing followed Emelianenko’s drunken row in Barnaul in the Altai Region.

The heavyweight fighter quarreled with flight attendants and passengers on a flight to the tournament in the Altai Region.

He then broke the nose of an airport employee and started a brawl in the hotel restaurant where a wedding was taking place.

Man, you know you’re out of control when you’re giving M-1 Global a bad reputation. One has to wonder what kind of crazy shit goes down in the oblasts of Eastern Russia. I bet the sketch element is off the hook, and Aleks seems like the kind of guy who has some stories to tell. Let’s hope he pulls a Tank Abbott and writes some sort of pseudo-fiction novel – Aleksander Emelianenko – Airport Brawler.