It looks like it might be coming down to a cheerful, lighthearted decision for M-1 global fighters: either jump ship and end up several hundred thousand euros in debt to an international court, or do what M-1 global says and get flesh-eating bacteria. THOSE ARE THE ONLY TWO POSSIBILITIES! According to people who evidently know, Yasubey Enomoto was allowed to fight Rashid Magomedov for his title despite being on IV antibiotics for a horrible skin infection that actually burst open during the event:

“He fought with an infection on his shin and was on antibiotics the whole week prior to the fight,” said his brother Felipe Enomoto, “That’s why it was taped, because he had a huge open wound there.” Felipe said that his brother’s infection got even worse. It has been almost two weeks after the bout, and Yasubey is still getting treated in the hospital.

“The infection has now spread [to] his knee because the heat in the sauna during the weight cut,” Felipe Enomoto said, “Right now, he has been in the hospital for 3 days because of that, with an IV that puts antibiotics in his blood nonstop. Also I wish my brother to get well fast from this, because I’m in Thailand right now and can not visit him in hospital.”

“I only say this because I’m so proud of him for still fighting, (but) maybe not the smartest idea to fight with this” Felipe continued, “He was not backing down an inch, always attacking like a true champion! Samurai style!”

Awesome, he not only gushed antibiotic-resistant pus on everyone else within a 20-foot radius, he did it Samurai style! Maybe his expertise in the field of herpes diagnosis led him to come up with this brilliant strategy. This would be disturbing on so many levels if it wasn’t a hilarious caricature of the days when shady Russian promoters got Douglas Dedge killed to record the first death in modern MMA history.

If you want to look at that gangrene fly (and really, who doesn’t?), you can check out the videos of the match after the jump.

[youtube dD7vpuABz64]

[youtube vrYar9jWbFw]