More legal wranglin’ afoot, this time in Europe. If you thought America was the only place where a young naive mixed martial artist could get trapped in a predatory contract and legally screwed, you were wrong!

M-1 Global has staked claim to Bellator middleweight Vyacheslav Vasilevsky in a Dutch court and plans to pursue the fighter in the U.S.

A judgment won this past Thursday awards damages to the Russia-based promotion that amount to several hundred thousand euros and bars him from fighting in Bellator or any other organization. Neither Vasilevsky or his representatives were present in court.

The judgement orders Vasilevsky to pay €1,000 for each day he’s been in breach of contract as well as €5,000 for every day he fights in another promotion, plus court fees, Kogan said. He added that the fighter was served notice of the pending legal action by process server.

I know what you’re thinking. €1,000 a day is a pittance. Vyacheslav should be paying at least €3000 – €5000 a day. That’s more in line with the big bucks guys like him, Bellator and M-1 are dealing with. It was a bad day for this kid to mistake euros for rubles. Depending on how long VV’s been considered in breach of contract, this is going to add up to nearly a million euros. And I bet you thought M-1 could only scam the big bucks out of people using Fedor Emelianenko.

This might be P4P the new #1 worst legal beatdown performed on an MMA fighter. Wow. Again. Never thought M-1 would have the P4P #1 anything moving forward.