The UFC has had a hard time trying to keep it’s fighters and staff from cracking rape jokes n stuff on twitter. But imagine how crazy things might be if there wasn’t all this pressure from the outside world to behave like civilized human beings? It might look a little bit like this:

The ongoing war of words between Ultimate Fighter finalist, former UFC fighter and current M-1 Global Light Heavyweight Champion Vinny Magalhaes and M-1 Global’s director of operations Evgeni Kogan continued overnight, with the two sides exchanging increasingly heated insults via social media outlet Twitter.

Kogan described Magalhaes — his organization’s reigning light heavyweight champion — as “Douche Bigalow Fighting Gigolo” and “an unemployed gigolo stalker homophobe fighter” while ending many of his tweets with “#butthurtforvinny2012” and “#unemploymentisnotshameful.”

For his part, Magalhaes didn’t hold back either, calling his former boss a “fancy boy” and repeatedly accusing him of spending his time “anal bleaching.” In response to Kogan calling him unemployed, Magalhaes replied “I’m not unemployed you piece of sh-t, I just decided to quit my sh-tty job to move on to a better one.”

You might remember things going sour between Vinny and M-1 after Vinny got the sneaking suspicion that M-1 was setting him up to lose. From there it’s been a non-stop back and forth between Magalhaes and Kogan, with Vinny at one point stating he was going to put the M-1 light heavyweight belt up for sale on eBay for 10 cents. Funny how M-1’s stuff keeps on ending up there, huh?