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One of my favorite aspects of The Ultimate Fighter is when it features a unique and lovable weirdo. The quiet and quirky guy often provided the breath of fresh air I needed to survive a show often packed full of wrestler jock bros smashing furniture and throwing jizz around. These dudes are often silent killers too – Mac Danzig was the guy on TUF 6 and he ended up winning the show. Luke Cummo was TUF 2’s weirdo and he came up just short of winning, losing to Joe Stevenson in the finals.

And for the next three years, Luke continued to entertain with his wacky theories on alternative medicine which included drinking pee and flushing your ass out with all sorts of various natural substances. When we wrote a satire article on Cummo being suspended for fighting with three liters of coffee up his ass, a lot of people believed us. He left the UFC in 2008 with a respectable 3-4 record and dropped off our radar. Now he’s back and he doesn’t look all that great. No punchline here, just sharing some of what he’s been putting online lately. Cry for help or descent into madness or just more Luke being Luke, I dunno. If you believe in prayer or the effectiveness of internet hugs, maybe send some his way.

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