Hey everyone! Today is the dawn of a new era here at Fightlinker: the era of us actually going out and harassing people in and around the fight industry. We’ve been working hard over the past week and a half to set up interviews with a number of fighters, managers, trainers, bloggers, pundits, and others. And today is the day you get to start seeing the nasty fruits of our labors.

We’re kicking off our series with Fight News Unlimited’s Rich Bergeron, the guy who poked Xyience with a stick so often they slapped him with a 25 million dollar lawsuit. Rich has been covering sketchy shit going on at Xyience for a really long time, and there’s no one better to talk to if you want to understand what’s happening with that company and why you as a fan of the UFC needs to worry about what happens to it. We initially thought he was crazy, but now it looks like he was right about everything.

Last year, the big MMA story that flew under the radar and changed everything was the PRIDE yakuza scandal. This year it could very well be the UFC / Xyience story. Embezzlement, fishy money transfers between companies, and possible collusion between the Fertittas and Xyience CEOs to steal the company from it’s shareholders. There’s 101 ways this shit could hit the fan, and if you wanna know what’s up from A to Z, this is where to look.


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