The never-ending battle to regulate mixed martial arts in New York continues, and while Dana White seems to think it’s a lost cause, here’s Lorenzo Fertitta continuing to fight the good fight:

Today features dueling events about the legalization of mixed martial arts, with Sen. Liz Krueger and women’s groups saying MMA should remain illegal because “cage fighting” sends the wrong message to young people.

Lorenzo Fertitta, who leads the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship league, dismissed a press conference set up by the National Organization for Women was actually organized by a Las Vegas union that is trying to unionize casinos he and his brothers own. He provided a flyer by UNITE HERE, the international that includes the Las Vegas local, which organized a bus for interested members to lobby at the Capitol.

“It’s actually kind of sad,” Fertitta sid. “These women’s organizations and women’s groups stand for great things … yet they are being used as a pawn by the Culinary Union.”

Legislators during the press conference suggested MMA fighters send misogynist signals that lead to abuse of women. They handed out a clip packet including stories about some MMA fighters who have ties to neo-Nazi groups.

At the end of the Times Union article they even have Senator Krueger admitting she worked with UNITE HERE to set the conference up. So on the plus side, the UFC’s mission to make it plain as day that a special interests group trying to force the Fertittas to unionize in Vegas is single handedly keeping MMA (and MMA revenue) out of New York is working. The bad news: no one seems to care.

(pic by Daniel Herbertson via MMA Weekly)