Watch it on your brand-new flatscreen!

According to a post, this weekend’s UFC on Versus card will indeed be airing in old Blighty on Premier Sports. The UFC previously announced plans to air the card on free for UK fans, but now they’ll be able to sit down in front of the telly and watch it as nature intended. This is remniscent of the UFC’s one-off deal for live prelims with ION last year (AKA that channel that only shows Robocop movies and self-help shows), though the restrictions on Versus cards across the pond may make this a longer broadcast partnership. Premier Sports is a subscription channel but apparently the UFC card will be available in “free-view mode” for all to enjoy. So there, British MMA fans! Now you can go back to your usual past-time of complaining about the lack of title fights in the UK while us fat Americans laugh at you through a mouthful of Cheetos.