While it’s generally considered racist to point out the inferior driving skills and genital size of Chinese people, we’ve apparently gotten to the point where we can all admit they’re not quite measuring up when it comes to their MMA development. So the UFC is taking it upon themselves to try and speed things up a little:

Fertitta said it made sense to bring the fighters to Las Vegas given the large number of gyms as well as elite fighters and coaches based there.

“Vegas is kind of the Mecca of mixed martial arts in a lot of ways,” Fertitta said. “We just said, ‘Hey, let’s get them exposure with, literally, the best trainers in the world.’ … They literally will go from gym to gym every day to train and learn different aspects of MMA.”

Among the trainers will be UFC fighter Fredson Paixao, noted jiu-jitsu coach Robert Drysdale, wrestling and grappling expert Ricky Lundell, striking coach Jimmy Gifford and DellaGrotte. The Chinese fighters will spar at Wanderlei Silva’s gym.

Shelby said they may expand the program to include other trainers, but they’re going to take it on a day-to-day basis.

“Really, what this is is an effort to find our version of Yao Ming,” Fertitta said. “There’s more than a billion people in China and I guarantee you, somebody there can fight. Our goal is to find that guy.

The UFC isn’t the only group chasing a mythical Yao unicorn. Hong Kong based promotion LegendFC is taking the wacky attitude that maybe instead of bringing the fighters to the camp, they should bring the camp to the fighters.

Legend FC, one of the top Asian MMA promotions sent several members of Team Quest such as Pat Healy and Brad Hannah to one of the biggest camps in the region. They didn’t only have them experience a few days of working out with talented coaches, they actually conducted an entire training camp that lasted for several weeks. Team Quest taught several of the best fighters in the country about how an entire high-level training camp should work, so they could get the best practices, workouts, and schedules in order to maximize learning, and peaking on the proper time for a fight.

Based on how long it took for the British to stop churning out duds, I’d say this should bring China up past North American by … oh, 2024. Which is probably about 10 years more than we got on the economic side, so let’s enjoy this MMA supremacy thing while we got it.