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CagePotato posted an interesting graph on the rate of finishes by weight class. Seems to show that the smaller you are the less likely to finish a fight. This seems to disprove¬†Joseph Benavidez claim that “I can definitely hit harder than Bisping.” Frankie Edgar moving to childweight Featherweight is not going to help the 53% UD average. What percentage of the Welterweight UD’s are from Fitch and GSP?

This graph shows that being fast and light probably means you receive less strikes than guys who move around like “Young Dinosaurs.” Also wrestling is far more prevalent in the lighter weight classes which leads to potentially less ko/tko finishes. Submission finishes does go up though, probably because tiny people need something to defend themselves with since baby hands just don’t cut it. The casual fan prefers finishes and action which is why since the beginning of MMA bigger fighters have always been more popular.