And here I was looking forward to watching Forest Griffin take blow after blow in the face for at least a few rounds (depending on the condition of his chin of course), but it looks like a shoulder injury has forced him to step down. He’s being replaced by this fucking guy, Jason Brilz.

So those of you looking forward to seeing Lil’Nog fight against some serious competition will have to make due with a soft-ass can who looks like he should be fighting at Middleweight. Maybe there are a few fans out there, but I don’t feel the substitution is all that great. How seriously am I supposed to take a who doesn’t think training full time is worth it:

I tried to go full-time fighting once, and it lost its appeal,” he admitted. “You can only train so much a day, and I think I’m already at that point.

Yeah, it’s going to be a great fight…