Rather than wait until 2012 to start up their relationship with Fox and Fox’s many mini-channels, the UFC is instead debuting on November 12th with a one hour show on ‘Big Fox.’ This is an extra event on top of the whole deal that was announced last week. Since it’s so very special in so many ways, surely the UFC must have some sweet plans in store for the 2 fights it will feature. After all, it wouldn’t start it’s new big network relationship with some flat ass shit, would it?

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities for fights on this card:

Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos: If you want to pull out the big guns and show you mean business, what better way than to feature two of your awesome but relatively unknown heavyweights? Unfortunately, the UFC is probably seeing November 12th as more of an opportunity to promote this fight on PPV November 19th. And the tug of war between quality broadcast shows and protecting the company’s PPV interests begins.

Benson Henderson vs Clay Guida: On October 8th the Frankie Edgar / Gray Maynard title trilogy will finally end. Not that I ain’t excited for it. It just sucks that we haven’t been able to even consider another #1 contender since September 2010. The lightweight division is more constipated than a 400 pound fatty with a passion for extra cheese pizza. The perfect laxative is Benson Henderson vs Clay Guida with the winner getting a title shot. That gives the show some of the razzle dazzle it needs to properly headline the first broadcast show in UFC history and should be a fricking awesome fight.

Josh Koscheck vs Chris Leben: What better way to pump people up for the new and improved TUF Live than to reignite TUF’s first major rivalry? Koscheck keeps on talking about moving up to 185, and Chris Leben won’t be on the upswing forever. Sure, the Cat Smasher is supposed to fight Mark Munoz at UFC 138 in the UK, but that hasn’t been officially announced yet. Plus, fuck the UK.

Frank Mir vs Alistair Overeem: Frank is one of the few big name heavyweights sitting on his butt doing nothing at the moment. Alistair needs someone to smash if the UFC wants to quickly make mega bucks off something like Overeem vs Lesnar. For some reason though, I don’t see the UFC going from excommunicating Golden Glory to putting one of it’s fighters in one of the most important fights in UFC history. Damn you, fight politics!

And then there’s some other high profile names that I don’t have opponents for:

Lyoto Machida
Shane Carwin
Vitor Belfort

Who knows who they can fight, but there’s good fights to be made on this card if the UFC tries hard enough. I won’t begrudge the UFC if they decide they don’t wanna throw their heavyweight belt up for grabs on what is essentially a lead-in show for a Manny Pacquiao fight, but there better be something fucking awesome on there. Otherwise why even bother to do the event at all?