Okay, folks. UFC 135 is this weekend! And so is the Fightlinker vs Five Ounces of Pain bet! The terms are set, everything is agreed upon, and we are ready to go. While I tried to convince them that Five Ounces of Piss too witty a bet name NOT to use, we settled on a Coors Light beer dump in honor of the rocky mountains this UFC will take place near.

Here’s how it’s gonna work: this is a UFC 135 pick’em. Fightlinker and Five Ounces will both select winners for the prelims and main card. The person with the most correct picks wins. A tie will be broken by counting who had more KO/Sub/Dec picks right. The loser has to post up a video of them getting a frosty Coors king can or three dumped all over them. And they will live with shame. The shame of being MMA ignoramuses.

We’ll get our picks up tomorrow, along with a breakdown on the Low Blow. Those of you who say I suck at picks … well, I wanna get these bets going again on a winning note. I have a feeling I can convince one of the Middle Easy guys to eat pubes.