Brock Lesnar talks to the LA Times about his time in the world of MMA:

“I do miss it, but I’ve got to keep myself in check. What I went through the last few years was quite traumatic, not being able to fight like I wanted. I got back on the horse way too soon. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. That chapter in my life has come to closure, and I’m comfortable with it. I’ve never really sat and pondered about what I could’ve done differently or how things could’ve been, but I wasn’t the same guy. Now I feel great; there’s days I think I can get back into the Octagon and be the same human being I was before. But I’m on another chapter.”

Hey, if the guy can be convinced to come back to wrestling, a profession he by most accounts despised, I think this should prep you a little bit for an eventual Brock Lesnar MMA comeback. Probably not tomorrow or even next year, but some time in the future. The right match up is going to come up, a lot of money is going to be on the table, and he’ll come back for one more kick at the can. Or two, if a warm up kick involves Frank Mir.