(one of the pictures from the Jeff Sherwood training gallery in question)

It may take an entire week to cover all the dumb Nick Diaz shenaniganry that went down before and after UFC 158. There’s the controversy over Nick taking swings at GSP after the bell, and then him shoving Georges’ cornerman Braulio Estima after the fight. And then there’s Nick’s opinion that St Pierre had a mole in his camp that slipped him info on all the jitz Diaz was gonna use to dominate the fight. Nick mentioned it in standard disjointed Nick fashion in a post fight interview with FUEL TV:

“The funny thing is, Jeff Sherwood came out and took a bunch of photos of me in my training, had a good training day one of the good ones. I kept snatching people up in kneebars and doing this roll on people that I swore was gonna work really well for me.”

“He kept jumping from one side to the other when I go to roll him. I thought that was kinda funny. I think that had a lot to do with the pictures that were popping up on the internet doing submissions on people. People like to come into the gym and take action shots and say this is what he’s doing he’s going for the kneebar, he’s going for the roll.”

Cesar Gracie threw his own spin on that during his appearance on Monday’s MMA Hour:

“I think it would have to be a complete gameplan switch on what happened and training a little bit different and everything. There was some stuff, it’s almost like “GSP” really knew the moves that Nick was going to do from bottom. It’s interesting, you know? That’s my idea watching the fight. It was really weird. Because Nick does stuff that’s very unique and he hasn’t even, he does it in grappling but he doesn’t necessarily do it in fighting. And he was doing it more in fighting and it was kind of like, wait a minute, this guy is like one step ahead, he knows exactly…it was kind of odd. Almost like someone from our team, or something, not a current member, you know? I don’t know, it was one of those things, but, that’s whatever, I don’t want to make out an issue at all. I don’t know without all the facts.”

Georges is a master at breaking down his opponents and I don’t doubt his team saw the photos of Diaz training and mentally noted what he was working on. Jeez, the one time Diaz tries to be nice and open with the press and it probably bit him in the ass! Not that kneebars are known for their high success ratio to begin with. One thing is for sure though: if you let pictures go out showing you working through your secret weapons, then the only mole in your camp is yourself.