BJJ superstar Kyra Gracie has been talking about stepping into the MMA cage for a while now – as far back as 2009 by our recollection. For whatever reason nothing has ever come of it, but dare we get our hopes up again based on this quote she gave to Tatame?

“I’ve been training Boxing and Judo. It’s something that can happen too. I already received some proposals and I know MMA is becoming bigger. They (from Strikeforce) contacted me, invited me. I also received a proposal from Japan,” Gracie told “IG”. “We’re negotiating, setting some things with them (Strikeforce). Let’s say that, if I already had a contract, I’d be ready to fight today”.

Now I wonder if they’re really negotiating or Royce Gracie and the UFC negotiating? If Strikeforce has reached out and is trying to bring in Kyra, that gives me hope that maybe – just maybe – Zuffa hasn’t already drawn up plans to chop shop Strikeforce (and as a consequence, women’s MMA) at the first opportunity.

They also recently locked up Olympic judoka and my new stalking obsession Ronda Rousey. So regardless of what Zuffa brass plans on doing, at least former WEC matchmaker and current Strikeforce bookie Sean Shelby seems to be putting some much needed effort into bringing some interesting women into the organization. Now all we need is more than one women’s fight per 2 Strikeforce events and we may actually get somewhere.

As for how Kyra would actually do … eh. For all her jitz credentials she’s never actually fought MMA so I wouldn’t expect all that much out of her. How many elite BJJ players have crossed over and laid stinky eggs in the cage? It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see her do the same. But there’s magic in the Gracie name, and if I have to put up with shit like Herschel Walker getting fights, why can’t WMMA get some under-qualified celeb booking love as well?